Breaking misconceptions: Life in recovery is full of joy

Individuals with substance use disorders look at their sober friends and sometimes wonder why anyone would want to live a boring life without drugs.

This view, say Rosecrance staff in recovery, is far from the truth. With a few safeguards in place and healthy sober experiences over time, life in recovery can be fulfilling.

“I’m able to participate in so many events in life and walk away with meaningful experiences that wouldn’t have happened before,” said Rosecrance Alumni Director Colleen Fry. “It’s like I’ve given myself many more permission slips to make the most out of each day.”

Rosecrance recognizes that early recovery can be a challenging time for individuals learn to live lives without substances. To help with those first few steps, staff introduce clients to activities such as the arts, sports, and hiking. In addition, the Alumni program provides enjoyable drug and alcohol-free events throughout the year that promote sober living and healthy relationships.