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Rosecrance 12 Step Program for a better life

Educational Resources

If an addiction to alcohol or drugs has taken over your life, help is here, hope can be found and recovery can be achieved through the 12 step program at Rosecrance.

Developed by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the 12-Step program is designed to give a process to comprehend and manage your addiction. And you won’t be alone. Through group meetings with others in the program, you can benefit from a network of people going through the same types of struggles.

12 Step support for friends and family

Your family and friends won’t have to travel this road alone, either. Another purpose of 12-Step groups is to help your families and loved ones who want to see you recover and become healthy and happy. These organizations include Al-Anon for families and friends of people who abuse alcohol, Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA), and Nar-Anon for families and friends of people who abuse narcotics.

The 12 Step Program is about resigning yourself to a higher power, so yes, it is spiritually based. Although some treatment centers offer nonspiritual 12 Step models,

one study showed that people who are not religious seem to benefit just as much as those who embrace a faith-based path.

12 Step alternatives at Rosecrance

The method you choose to overcome addiction isn’t as important as finding the treatment and activities that work for you. At Rosecrance, in addition to the 12-Step Program, we offer peer-based support along with other group therapy options such as educational/didactic lectures, team building and recreational activities, education and counseling.

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