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Back-to-school begins before the first day back

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Returning to a school-year routine can be difficult for students as they are greeted by new teachers, classrooms, and peer groups.

Parents and families can help mitigate the stress that comes with the back-to-school shift by beginning the transition sooner than later.

To help families prepare for the school year, Rosecrance offers these tips:

  • Start the back-to-school routine early. Parents and students don’t need to wait until the official start of the school year to begin re-establishing a routine. Getting your student back into a routine may mean following a regular bedtime and waking up early.
  • Tour the school in advance. For students who are transitioning to a new school, touring the building before the start of school and identifying some key support people can help make transitions a little smoother.
  • Involve your student in the back-to-school process. Get your student excited about the start of the school year by including them when buying school supplies.
  • Talk with your student about school before and after it starts. Give your child the opportunity to talk about their concerns, hopes, and wishes for their return to school by engaging them in discussions about the approaching school year. After the school year begins, take time to listen to your child and discuss their day at school as well as any issues they may have.

It is normal for adolescents to feel anxious during the first couple of weeks of school, but persistent uneasiness may indicate a problem. Keep an eye out for sudden behavioral changes, such as withdrawal, hostility, disengagement from activities, and a shift toward negative peer groups, as these may signal a cause for concern.

If you think your adolescent needs help, Rosecrance can provide one-on-one support to help them refocus their attention.

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