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3 must-ask questions when considering residential treament for your child

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Many families who have a child with a substanse use disorder  live with the fear and uncertainty of finding help and hope. If your child is struggling with drug or alcohol use, you need somewhere to turn. It can seem like a tough road ahead, but if you know the right questions to ask when considering a treatment program, there is hope for your son or daughter.

1. Is there support for family members?

Of course, it’s most important to find a treatment program that’s the right fit for your child. But it’s just as important to find a program that supports the family throughout the process.

Recovery is a process for the whole family. In fact at Rosecrance, we believe family is central to the recovery process, which is why we involve a child’s family throughout his or her journey in recovery. Along with free support groups, resources, and visits, families of teens get weekly sessions with a counselor and a tailored relapse prevention plan to support your child long into recovery.


2. What will my child’s day look like?

If you’re considering a residential treatment program, it’s crucial to ask what your child’s day will look like. A well-rounded adolescent recovery program inspires healing, offering programs that help your child find new passions that allow them to discover life’s purpose. Rosecrance’s residential treatment includes a full school curriculum and experiential therapies as well as art, nature, and recreational programs. Adolescents are given the opportunity to explore their passions while learning about addiction and finding coping skills to navigate a life in recovery.


3. Can I expect continued support for my child throughout her recovery?

Last but not least, you should choose a program dedicated to continuing to help your child—no matter what. This means that, when your child has left a treatment program, they’re offered ongoing support groups, counseling, and events, as well as support for you and your family.

Additionally, you should work with a treatment facility that recognizes they may not be the right fit for your child. If the facility cannot offer the specific support your child needs, they should be committed to helping you find the right treatment program, no matter what.

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