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12 Steps offer a map to a life well-lived

The 12 Steps are so successful because they take you on a journey of self-reflection, action, and occasional course changes.

Do you know someone whose life radiates so strongly with peace and purpose that you want to be like them? If so, let us share a little secret: You may be seeing the result of a life devoted to the 12 Steps.

That lifestyle difference is a trademark of people who are living this recovery journey.

“They are amazing people,” said Rosecrance Harrison Campus Administrator Dr. Greg Tierney. “They know they are works in progress, and they are comfortable with that. All of us should want that peace, that serenity in our lives.”

The 12 Steps are so successful because they take you on a journey of self-reflection, action, and occasional course changes. A person in recovery will never truly “finish” them, as they may come back to a step from time to time, and progress likely won’t be sequential. As they grow, they will discover new insights about themselves and the world around them.

In addition, the 12 Steps recognize that no one can succeed at life, much less addiction recovery, alone. That is why they emphasize relationships—to a higher power, oneself, friends, and a circle of peers who hold them accountable. Rosecrance facilitates these connections through meetings with support groups, while counselors and mentors teach clients healthy relational skills. Sponsors are a key part of the program, as they help participants follow the steps and serve as accountability partners. In return, the sponsees often play an important role in keeping in front of their addictive tendencies.

Rosecrance supports the healing process by fostering a safe, secure environment for its clients. A structured routine with daily meditation or mindfulness activities, workouts, counseling sessions, and 12-Step meetings start the path toward recovery. In addition, clients have opportunities to reflect on life and gain new interests through art, horticulture, fitness, horseback riding, and other options. As clients relax and let down their guard, they are impacted by the community supports that will be with them through their stay and hopefully long into their recovery journey.

“When people embrace 12-Step programs, it is like they have an awakening to how good life can truly be,” Tierney said. “They see the promise of a new life that is better than they ever imagined, and they now have the tools and people around them to live into it.”

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