Alumni ambassador program offers opportunity to give back

Through the Rosecrance Alumni Program, people are able to give back to others by sharing their recovery experiences, strength, and hope. Our new alumni ambassador program aims to enhance those connections even more.

We’re looking for alumni who are interested in participating in this exciting new initiative.

Anyone interested can reach out to Alumni Director Colleen Fry at 815-387-2435 or or Alumni Coordinator Jordan Miller at 815-387-2449 or

Alumni ambassadors will champion hope for people throughout all stages of recovery, including working with current residential, outpatient, and continuing care clients and those on the Rosecrance Alumni App.

Responsibilities include:

  • Sharing your story
  • Planning alumni activities and events in your local area
  • Being a role model for the recovery community
  • Mentoring others on their journeys
  • Being of service
  • Starting meetings

To be an alumni ambassador, a person must have a minimum of six months in recovery; be honest, open-minded, and willing to participate; and be motivated to be of service to your community and help others.

Ambassadors will receive free alumni gear, be featured in alumni newsletters and in the app, attend quarterly meetings, and ultimately have the opportunity to have valuable input into and help shape the alumni community.