In many states, adults 21 and older may now legally purchase cannabis for recreational use at state-licensed dispensaries. What does this mean for you, your family and even your workplace?

How does a parent talk with their teen about weed? How should an employer approach an employee they think is under the influence on the job? What can you say to start the conversation about marijuana use and marijuana abuse?

Our experts address your questions and concerns in these presentations and video clips.

Teens & weed: Still a Big Deal

How to talk with your teen about marijuana:

Marijuana & the Teen Brain

Marijuana is bad news for teens:

Signs of Vaping Marijuana & Edibles

If a teen is vaping marijuana, how would parents be able to tell if their child is under the influence?

Rosecrance’s Matthew Quinn speaks about Edibles

We’re already seeing an increase in ER visits:

The Potency of Today’s Marijuana

This isn’t your parents’ pot.

Marijuana Addiction
Resources & Presentations

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Trends in Marijuana Addiction

Cannabis in the Workplace

Recognizing signs and symptoms of addiction on the job and navigating the conversation:
Cannabis & the Workplace