Specialized, combined treatment for dual-diagnosis in teens and young adults

Providing genuine hope for recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders

The journey to adulthood can be a confusing time. It’s a time of dramatic brain development, which makes young people more vulnerable to both substances abuse and mental health disorders. Alcohol and drug abuse commonly co-occur with mood, anxiety or other mental health disorders. And these diagnoses are particularly disruptive and harmful in children, teens and young adults.

At Rosecrance, we offer specialized COD/dual-diagnosis treatment
for teens and younger adults age 12 to 20 who have a dual diagnosis for substance abuse and mental health disorders. With heartfelt compassion and a century-long devotion to caring for adolescents, we’ve developed this specialized program to give your child a roadmap toward lasting recovery and a productive, fulfilling life beyond treatment.

Trust an experienced leader in both substance abuse and mental health treatment

Founded to care for children in 1916, Rosecrance is now a leader in the treatment of substance abuse, including recognition for its special focus on and commitment to recovery for children, teens and young adults. More than a decade ago, we extended our passion for recovery to include young people with mental health disorders.

Ever since, our team has expanded, incorporating experienced, leading mental health organizations and developing individualized programs to offer young people and their families the best opportunity for lasting recovery.

Treating co-occurring disorder conditions together for accelerated progress

The primary difference Rosecrance offers families like yours dealing with dual diagnoses is that we provide combined treatment. While mental health disorders and substance addictions are so often related and intertwined, finding help for both simultaneously is not always easy. At Rosecrance, our focus is recovery. And we know from experience that the concept of recovery is lifelong, and it applies as much to mental health disorders as to substance use disorders.

Driven by compassion for your family and dedication to your loved one’s lasting recovery, we treat these disorders together. While they are not the same, they also are not separate. And in both cases, our goals are the same.

The goals of combined treatment for mental health and substance/drug abuse disorders

  • For patients to have a form of recovery that lets them live the best life possible.
  • To help patients build critical skills during treatment for dual diagnosis treatment.
  • To make positive, beneficial changes within the family.
  • To empower patients with opportunity and the skills to handle life’s challenges.

Individualized care for your unique needs and lasting recovery

To achieve these goals, our team at Rosecrance’s Griffin-Williamson campus takes a practical, honest approach born of compassion and dedication. Starting with a highly detailed, individualized assessment, we provide genuine help so your family can reclaim its relationships —- and its hope.

A personalized recovery plan will help your loved one to learn healthy behaviors and prepare for life beyond treatment. Our team of Illinois licensed and fully-credentialed specialists bases your individualized treatment on proven outcomes and the latest thinking in behavioral health. Our continuum of care extends beyond treatment so you and your loved one have access to resources when you need them.

A variety of approaches to meet any need

Treating the substance abuse and mental health disorders affecting your family is as unique as the people involved. No two people — and no two situations — are the same. That’s why we provide a range of treatment programs, approaches, treatment services and recovery therapies.

Multiple COD programs dedicated to your loved one’s dual diagnosis recovery

  • Residential treatment (inpatient)
  • Partial hospitalization (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP)
  • Recovery living/sober living
  • Medically monitored detoxification

Specialized treatment in Illinois for mental health disorders co-occurring with substance abuse

  • Mood disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Trauma & post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Physical and/or mental abuse
  • Self-destructive behaviors
  • Suicidal behaviors
  • Poor impulse control

At Rosecrance, your family member’s treatment is multifaceted and individualized, with an emphasis on experiential therapies and family involvement. These — along with our compassion and belief in the power of recovery — are keys to our long history of effectiveness in the treatment of adolescents, teens and young adults. Visit our pages on substance abuse recovery treatment and treatment for mental health disorders for more detail on these Illinois COD programs.

Restore your family’s hope and future with Rosecrance’s specialized, combined and licensed COD treatment in Illinois

Separately, mental health disorders and alcohol or drug abuse are powerfully disruptive forces that can devastate families, harm development and imperil the futures of teens and young adults. For all of us at Rosecrance, your family matters. Lives matter. And we know that life’s waiting. For these reasons, we’ve built a specialized evidence-based program for young individuals with these two co-occurring disorders (COD) — a program run by experienced, skilled, informed, and caring recovery professionals.