Sober Living Chicago: How to Get a Fresh Start

Chicago city viewThe path to recovery is different for everyone. While no two journeys are the same, many people find themselves asking the same question on the path to sober living: “How do I get a fresh start?”

Your unique journey will likely have its own ups and downs. You may find yourself in need of transitional housing, or you may seek ongoing counseling along with a 12-Step program. In any case, the following advice can apply to anyone seeking a positive change.

Find a Supportive Sober Environment in Chicago

The most important thing you can do in recovery is to find a supportive sober environment. This can look different for many people, but a sober living facility is a common transitional step for many on the path to recovery.

Sober living in Chicago, Lakeview building
Sober Living in Chicago at Rosecrance Lakeview

For sober living in Chicago, Rosecrance’s Chicago Lakeview offers both short-term and long-term housing for young adults and adults in a licensed recovery residence. Safe, structured, supportive housing can reduce the chances of relapse and provide the tools and skills needed for a healthy recovery. Rosecrance Lakeview is home to a structured living space and a team of professionals who position residents for the best chance at success.

The best recovery living environment is made up of sponsors, friends, and loved ones who understand your new lifestyle. Forming friendships both in recovery and outside of recovery can decrease the likelihood of relapse.

Stay with a 12-Step Program

When you’re committed to your recovery, it’s important to work on actively maintaining your progress. Staying stagnant in your recovery can increase the chance of relapse by decreasing your ability to recognize triggers or monitor your emotions.

Working through the 12 Steps of recovery is a continuous process that requires ongoing hard work. You can continue working through the 12 Steps after a rehabilitation program through a support group, with a sponsor, or individually.

Be Kind to Yourself

Self-care is an important part of any recovery journey. Take care of yourself with diet, exercise, and a regular routine that keeps you on track.

Kindness starts with forgiveness. While it’s easy to dwell on the past, a healthy recovery depends on not only making amends to others but also to yourself.

The path to recovery is not easy, and relapse is a possibility. Relapse is not failure. Be kind to yourself, and take the right steps to get back on track with the help of your support system.

To learn more about sober living in Chicago at our Rosecrance Lakeview location, please call Rosecrance at (866) 330-8729.