Four Rosecrance alumni awarded scholarships

Rosecrance and several community partners awarded four scholarships June 14 to young alumni pursuing higher education.

A private dinner & ceremony at Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus provided guests the opportunity to dine together and share words of gratitude.

D. H. and S. A. received the John Mink Memorial Scholarship, sponsored and presented by George Bates of Bates Financial Advisors Inc., for the third year in a row. The money will support classes at Rock Valley College. The scholarships are given in memory of John Mink, a long-time Rosecrance Board member who made many significant contributions to the organization. During the ceremony Rosecrance President/CEO Philip Eaton spoke about John Mink’s legacy:

“John Mink is one of the greatest shapers of what has happened at Rosecrance since the mid-seventies. He was a mentor to me and to this organization.”

K. R. and D. C. received a scholarship that honors the memory of Donna Gillette, who worked at Rosecrance for more than 20 years as a psychiatric and addiction nurse. She was director of nursing for adolescent services when she retired in 2010 and worked with her husband, Cliff, to develop the scholarship before she passed away in 2014.

One of the scholarship recipients expressed her thanks:

“I’d like to thank everybody that’s here for supporting me through everything. Rosecrance is one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. You guys have helped me through one of my hardest times, and I’ve come out on top. Now I have 18 months clean, I’m about to start college, and I just think that’s really amazing.”