Rosecrance alters adolescent treatment schedule in response to sleep data

Rosecrance Chief Medical Officer Dr. Thomas Wright has authored an article for the trade publication Addiction Professional.

The article examines recent efforts by Rosecrance to adapt the daily schedule to the natural circadian rhythm of teenagers in treatment.

From the article:

In October 2010, our staff began systematically studying this issue and looking at how the night-owl pattern of adolescent patients might be affecting their treatment and recovery. Further, we asked ourselves: Is there a way to bend to circadian rhythm reality and improve treatment at the same time?

Our eventual decision to revise the treatment schedule to allow Rosecrance’s teen patients to sleep longer had a top-to-bottom impact on the treatment program at the campus, which is the largest adolescent inpatient program in Illinois.

The four-month process we used to get there, which involved leadership, clinical and support staff, and patients, presented an opportunity for everyone on campus to step back and review what we were doing and what we might change to offer teens the best opportunity for lasting recovery.

Read the complete Addiction Professional article here.