Rockford City Council approves zoning for new Crisis Stabilization Center

The Rockford City Council approved necessary zoning to allow Rosecrance to create a Crisis Stabilization Center in downtown Rockford. The Crisis Stabilization Center will put the Triage Program and the Crisis Residential Unit under one roof to improve the continuum of care to individuals in psychiatric crisis.

The Rosecrance Triage Center currently is located on the first floor of the Rosecrance Ware Center, 526 West State Street, Rockford, IL.

Currently, the Triage Program provides crisis intervention services and stabilization, with linkages to community providers. Rosecrance Triage utilizes a “living room” concept; instead of a typical clinical or emergency room setting, the program offers a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment.

The Crisis Residential Unit is a voluntary, short-term program available to individuals with serious mental illness who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis. They do not require inpatient care, but need to be stabilized in a 24-hour supervised setting.

At the new location, Rosecrance will also add detoxification services for individuals in psychiatric crisis who have a co-occurring substance use disorder.

The Crisis Stabilization Center will be open by the end of the year.  This is a unique program in Illinois and there are only a few such operations in the nation.