Talk to Your Adolescent Child About Marijuana Use and Abuse with “Teens & Weed”

For many parents, talking about marijuana can be tremendously challenging. Yet, these days, few conversations with our children are more important. The recent legalization of marijuana in some states for medical and even recreational use has added to an already complex topic. Because of legalization, some young people believe the drug is harmless. It’s not.

To help parents discuss marijuana clearly and effectively, Rosecrance has produced Teens & Weed: Still a Big Deal. This parent’s guide to talking about marijuana provides the latest information parents need. It was developed using both expert sources and with the help of teenagers in treatment at Rosecrance. It focuses on the beliefs and misperceptions of actual teenagers and provides thoughtful, effective answers parents can give when their teens make inaccurate claims about the drug.

The guide also provides tips for parents as well as other valuable information, including web sites parents can use to explore the topic in depth.

Research confirms the common sense idea that when parents talk to their children about substance abuse, those children are much less likely to become users. If you’re thinking about starting those conversations with your kids, Teens & Weed is a great place to start. You can download the free guide by clicking here.

For more information about teen marijuana substance use and abuse, contact the highly-trained counselors at Rosecrance. Call (866) 330-8729.