Faces of Rosecrance: Maureen Shukis

July 14, 2017

Photo of Maureen Shukis

Maureen Shukis leads a co-occurring intensive outpatient (IOP) group at the Rosecrance Ware Center, where she meets with clients who have both a mental health and substance abuse diagnosis. She has been in the field for more than 17 years and is a certified alcohol and drug counselor.

“In the co-occurring IOP, we don’t just talk about the unmanageability of the addiction, but also their mental health. They aren’t separate issues; they’re combined.

“This could be you, or anybody you love at any point in your life. Something drastic could change, and it would just take that one event to push someone to mental illness or addiction. The faces of the people we serve are the people next door or within your family. It could happen to you at any time. Have compassion and tolerance; that’s something our society is getting further and further away from.”

Maureen recognizes that her success in the field of substance abuse and mental health treatment is due in part to mentors and supervisors who helped her along the way.

“I was given a lot of opportunities to go beyond my degree. In that regard, I am very blessed. I really credit what I’ve been able to do in my career with the opportunities and the people who have been placed in my life.”