‘On Your Radar,’ episode 4: COVID-19 and current clinical intervention methods


An important part of the teen experience is the socialization that comes with attending school. Those all-important interactions with their peers. Making friends, going to proms, graduating and saying goodbye. For teens who’ve lived through the year of COVID-19, missing out on those interactions can be more traumatic than any adult might understand. Filling the void where their friends and experiences used to be can manifest into a sense of loss. A feeling of grief that can lead some teens to turn to drug or alcohol use.

The Rosecrance podcast “On Your Radar: Teens in Crisis – The Epidemic Within the Pandemic” is filled with valuable information for parents and professionals in identifying and providing support for teens. Episode 4 – “COVID-19 and Current Clinical Intervention Methods” takes a closer look at the teen experience during COVID-19, providing insight into the feelings teens are experiencing at this important time in their lives, the impact of COVID-19 on both parents and teens, as well as coping skills, treatment options for teens who need help, the mentor/patient relationship and more.

If you are the parent of a teen or a school professional interested in learning how to better recognize signs of a teen in crisis and potential treatment options, we recommend downloading the entire series. You might just change someone’s life, or save it.

Download “On Your Radar: Teens In Crisis” episode 4, here.