2021 Annual Rosecrance Foundation Benefit

Welcome to the Annual Rosecrance Foundation Benefit. The Rosecrance Foundation Annual Benefit was launched with the goal of ensuring expert, compassionate care is available to everyone as a means to overcome financial barriers for treatment. Your donation to the annual Benefit helps to secure the continued funding and support of the Rosecrance Kinley Fund to assist families who may not otherwise be able to afford treatment. Further, your gifts strengthen Rosecrance and ensure our ability to provide groundbreaking and innovative programs and services that are vital to the health of our community.

Hope begins with you.

This year, the need is particularly great. The effects of COVID-19 and self-isolation have led to an epidemic within a pandemic, resulting in a dramatic increase in mental health and substance use concerns. Last year saw the highest number of recorded opioid-related deaths (CDC).

In the coming year, we project more people will be without the means necessary to seek treatment, because of the pandemic’s financial impact. The hope you provide is a very powerful force, one that can make the difference in the lives of families and individuals in crisis. Generous people like you have the power to give life to that hope for people living right in our own community. Help us to offer hope and the best opportunity for lasting recovery through your gift to The Rosecrance Foundation.

Since May 2020, there has been a 20% increase in overdoses. (CDC).

Hope For Those In Need Of Treatment

Reducing Financial Barriers to Care

Last year, Rosecrance provided direct charity care support to nearly 500 families, conducted free assessments for over 6,800 individuals — the first step in seeking care — and committed more than $4 million to reduce financial barriers to care for clients of our nationally recognized residential treatment programs and other vital services in our continuum of treatment for
substance use and mental health disorders.

Hope For Your Community

Mobile Crisis Response

Provides rapid response to children and adults in mental health crisis, de-escalation, situation assessment and liaison with appropriate follow-up services. We served nearly 2,000 children in crisis in the past year.

Hope When And Where It’s Needed

Co-responder Program

A new program in partnership with law enforcement to respond to mental health emergencies, diverting those in crisis away from criminal detention to the most appropriate setting for care.

Community Support Team

Counselors work with individuals with serious mental illness, mostly in a home setting, helping them to function more effectively through focused skills training and support.

Hope For A Better Future

Hope For A Safe Haven

Crisis Triage Program

A “living room” model alternative to hospital emergency departments or incarceration, providing a safe, warm, welcoming environment for de-escalation and assessment of a mental health emergency in a more soothing setting.

Hope For A Second Chance

Project SAFE

Intensive outpatient addiction treatment for mothers that removes many of the common barriers related to treatment success. Families are reunited upon graduation from the program.

Ambassador Program

A leadership program offering select outpatient clients at the Rosecrance Ware Center the opportunity to develop life skills through responsibility, accountability, and a sense of ownership.

Hope Through Mentorship

Hope For Those Who Serve Us

Veteran’s Affairs Housing Program

A two-year transitional program for discharged service members with mental health needs.

A special unit of our adult residential treatment program that serves the unique needs of veterans and first responders who struggle with substance use and mental health disorders.

Rosecrance Florian Program

Rosecrance Floriram 

A special unit of our adult residential treatment program that serves the unique needs of veterans and
first responders who struggle with substance use and mental health disorders.

Your gifts also ensure our ability to deliver innovative community programs:

The Rosecrance Foundation 
Board of Directors 
David Casalena, Chair 
Randy Alex, David Beto, Jeffrey Beto, Jeffrey DiBenedetto, John Griffin, Gaby Johnson, Kim Keefe, Lisa Lindman, Susan Maher, Ph.D., Kathleen Meade, Libby Muldowney, Jerry Paris, Brian Thiede, Brenten Witherby.

Honorary: Robert Rhea, Jr., Laura Rosecrance.

Rosecrance, Inc. Board of Directors 
Margaret Wartowski, Chair 

Barry Ackerson, Ph.D., Andy Benson, David Casalena, David Deutsch, MD, Rev. Fabiola Grandon-Mayer, Elder Granger, Curt Lansbery, Jerry Paris, Jay Ramshaw, Pete Rundquist, Jody Schumacher, Scott Sockness, Leslie West.

Honorary: Paul Logli, Robert Wimmer.

Rosecrance Health Network 
Board of Directors 
Dan Pecora, Chair 

Jeffrey DiBenedetto, Jennifer Furst, Thomas Furst, Jeff Lee, Ellen Nichols, Connie Pinkston, Brian Thiede.

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Ambassador Program 

Assertive Community Treatment

 Housing for Veterans

Mobile Crisis Response