Get to know: Rosecrance Central Illinois Access Counselor Anatoliy Sedov

At Rosecrance, each day provides fresh opportunities for growth as staff strive to give clients the best chance for lasting recovery. This emphasis is what makes the professional journey worth it for Rosecrance Central Illinois Access Counselor Anatoliy Sedov.

Sedov joined the team five years ago working with clients on a residential unit. Through a brief transition to outpatient office management, several years back in a residential setting, and then to Access, he gained insight into the organization’s structure and recognized where his clinical skills best fit.

“I like being able to work in positions where there’s always a new question to answer, problem to solve, or process to improve,” Sedov said. “It is gratifying to be part of a team that actively works to eliminate barriers to recovery.”

Conversations with supervisors clarified career goals and provided encouragement for next steps. As a result, he has earned a CADC credential and is considering graduate school to become a licensed social worker. He credited staff such as Grant Management Administrator Gail Raney and Access Director Meghan Cook for timely wisdom and guidance.

“I’ve been blessed to work with supervisors who selflessly want to develop staff,” Sedov said. “They always have been great communicating what value I would add to a different role and have supported my path.”

Now, instead of touching lives of individuals who are in treatment, Sedov is in a key position to champion hope. As one of the first contacts for people considering treatment, he can answer questions, point toward resources, and ultimately suggest a plan for care.

Empathy for callers comes naturally because, as someone who has lived experience with a mental health disorder, Sedov understands what they are going through and how to navigate obstacles that may prevent them from getting help.

“I want others to know what it’s like to find relief from whatever is causing difficulty in their life,” he said. “There is a sense of fulfillment when a client is admitted to our programs because I know that they are in a place to experience the same healing I had.”