Fr. Jim’s “Rosecrance Ripple Effect of Recovery”

Fr. Jim Swarthout, Director of Clergy & Alumni Relations

What’s the ripple effect? It’s the effect we have on family & friends because of what we do or say, and how “Life’s Waiting” each moment of our lives!

“Life’s Waiting” is our tag line. It invites us and our clients to believe in a new vision of the future. But, if you were asked to look back over your life and list some of your biggest regrets, what would come to mind? Recently, a group of strangers in New York City reflected on their regrets and their responses were captured on video. A link to the video appears at the end of this piece. Please finish reading before you watch it.

At first thought, it seems that the things that we might regret the most are mistakes we have made, things that we have done that we wished we had not. There is no doubt that we all have these types of regrets. The video shows, however, that what many people regret more are not things that they have done, but things they have not done. These regrets could include any of the following: not saying I love you enough, not spending more time with family and friends, not taking a stand or getting involved, not pursuing a dream, not taking more risks, not saying yes to more things, not pursuing artistic passions, not making the most of every day, not staying in touch with people, etc.

I invite you to take three minutes to watch the video. You will find a wonderful surprise toward the end that reminds us that no matter what our regrets may be, there is always time to begin anew with a clean slate.

Click here to view the video. I hope you find it as inspiring as I do, and perhaps it will motivate you to do something you have not done up until now as “Life’s Waiting.”