Lighting the path forward

As the sun set on International Overdose Awareness Day, hope remained illuminated for those in recovery from substance use. Rosecrance held luminaria walks at its residential sites in honor of those lost to overdose, with staff, alumni, and clients coming together to pay their respects. This year, for the first time, the walks were made … Continued

Take time for yourself today

If you live in the United States, chances are that you are stressed at some point during your day. Some stress is necessary in our lives, but when we struggle with chronic stress it can be harmful to the body and mind. In a 2022 poll conducted by the American Psychological Association, 55% of Americans … Continued

Rosecrance teen program addresses complex mood disorders

Rosecrance offers enhanced programming and clinical competencies at our teen residential campus to provide deeper resources for clients with mood disorders, especially those with chronic depression and a history of suicidality. We recognized the need for more specialization to address the needs of youth who have experienced multiple acute hospitalizations, and for whom outpatient and … Continued

Alumni make new connections at Rosecrance retreat

Rosecrance hosted a successful first-time hybrid Alumni Renewal Retreat this month, with more than 100 people attending either in person or online. The alumni network had been hosting retreats virtually the past two years because of the pandemic. When planning started for this year’s event, alumni were surveyed and they voted overwhelmingly to meet in … Continued

Making your job a career at Rosecrance

When an employee joins Rosecrance, the hope is that the first day is also a first step in a long professional journey with the organization. Career growth evolves through education and mentorship opportunities that help each employee align their skills with passions. Jami Ditto and Holly Brun experienced this growth firsthand as they traveled different … Continued

Peer mentors pave the path to recovery

When someone seeks treatment and commits to a life of recovery, a network of supportive peers can be one of the most gratifying additions. These new relationships bring fresh perspectives, growth, and strength for the journey; however, it may take an effort to develop connections. Mentorship is one way Rosecrance encourages healthy interactions in the … Continued