Long COVID-19’s impact on mental health

Isolation caused by COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic had a devastating effect on many people, but a recent advisory is bringing awareness to Long COVID and its relationship to people struggling with their mental health. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s advisory warns that Long COVID—a condition with a range of … Continued

Promote empathy, awareness toward women struggling

It’s normal to want comfort and relief from anxiety, depression, and other stressors, and how someone copes with those feelings can create a positive or negative outcome. When coping mechanisms rely on alcohol or substance use, it can become a disorder that intensifies the psychological stressors that caused someone to turn to substances for relief. … Continued

Help youth stay on track during the summer

With school out and little structure to the day for most, many adolescents are looking forward to the freedom that comes along with summer vacation. For some children and teens who struggle with mental health, the long, unstructured days could intensify feelings of isolation and hopelessness, which is why it is important for parents and … Continued

Rosecrance touches more lives in need of healing

Rosecrance’s devoted team of caring experts has helped over 54,500 people realize their brightest future during the 2023 fiscal year. As the demand for mental health services has remained high in recent years, Rosecrance has provided personalized and effective solutions to nearly 33,000 individuals struggling with their mental health across the Midwest from July 2022 … Continued

Challenging stigma during National BIPOC/Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Racial and ethnic minority communities encounter many obstacles when seeking mental health and substance use treatment services, with some barriers rooted in beliefs and attitudes toward behavioral health. Studies and research have highlighted the significance of providing mental health services and support to minority communities. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, … Continued

Rosecrance expands services for veterans

Rosecrance has long prioritized care for military veterans, with a history of developing innovative resources for those who served. New partnerships have expanded that care further into communities, with a full continuum of care to meet an increasing demand for veterans’ services. Now, as an approved provider through the Veterans Affairs Community Care Network (VA-CCN) … Continued