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Discovering life through therapeutic recreation

A group of canoes sliced through the water on a warm summer afternoon, laughter filling the air as Rosecrance staff and clients relaxed in nature’s beauty. With a sudden burst of energy, one client sped up to leaders and, with a wide grin, exclaimed, “I think I’ve found my passion!” After several weeks of working … Continued

Rosecrance CEO named to NAATP board

ROCKFORD—Rosecrance is pleased to announce that President and CEO David Gomel, Ph.D., has been appointed to the National Association of Addiction Treatment Professionals (NAATP) board of directors. Gomel, who has served Rosecrance for more than 25 years and assumed the role of President and CEO in 2021, will serve a term that ends in 2023. … Continued

Trauma and Addiction: A Personal Account

The effects of childhood trauma can sometimes be the silent catalyst that leads to addiction early in life. At Rosecrance, we know that untreated trauma can lead to a vicious cycle of sobriety and relapse. A holistic approach to treatment offers the best solution for identifying the traumas that lead to addiction through moments of … Continued

Art show explores ‘the dreams in our hearts’

Rosecrance clients and staff showed off more than 300 pieces of artwork at the annual Heart Art Show before Valentine’s Day. Dream catchers, paintings, sketches, an interactive exhibit, and a large mural painted by clients at the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson, Rosecrance Harrison and Marlowe Recovery House campuses articulated hopes and dreams of the many artists. … Continued

How to love someone in recovery

It takes hard work to maintain relationships through life’s ups and downs no matter what the relationship is—friends, family, or romantic partner. This is especially true for people who want to support a loved one through the recovery journey. The first step to loving someone in recovery is to learn more about what that person … Continued

COVID-19 and Treatment: What you need to Know

Rosecrance providing COVID-19 vaccinations for residential clients As part of the ongoing commitment to health and safety, Rosecrance medical staff in Winnebago County are offering the COVID-19 vaccination to clients participating in residential treatment programs. Medical and direct care staff are also receiving the vaccine. “We are so grateful to provide the vaccine for our … Continued