Getting unstuck: Therapy helping adults through stress, anxiety of interrupted life dreams

Whether it’s young adults finding the path to independence more difficult than expected, or older adults unexpectedly caring for younger generations longer, people of all ages are facing stressors of unexpected life realities. For younger individuals, lingering pandemic concerns such as lack of employment during that time may hinder the expected launch into adulthood, and … Continued

Rosecrance celebrating a community of champions

A message from Rosecrance President and CEO Dave Gomel, Ph.D.: Employees are the heart and soul of any successful organization. Without expert, compassionate staff, Rosecrance could not help thousands of individuals thrive each day. To recognize this effort, we have devoted significant time and resources over the past two years to show that we truly … Continued

Impaired Driving Prevention Month a reminder that substance use treatment services are available at the holidays

While holiday festivities make December merry, they also can be a time of grief because of the impact of drug or alcohol-related deaths on America’s roads. National Impaired Driving Prevention Month calls attention to the increase in driving deaths from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports … Continued