COVID-19 and Treatment: What you need to Know

Rosecrance Health Network remains committed to providing safe, compassionate care for all clients and the safest possible work environment possible during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We are open, following CDC guidelines, and maintaining excellent infection control protocols and are flexible so that our residential and outpatient services are still meeting the needs of those with … Continued

Longtime Rosecrance Chaplain Rev. Bill Lenters retires

Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Chaplain Rev. Bill Lenters has helped the Rosecrance family cheer achievements, mourn losses, and make the most of every moment for the past 22 years. On July 1, Rosecrance staff and clients celebrated his retirement with heartfelt stories shared over cupcakes in the John & Roberta Mink Pavilion. “All of us have … Continued

Mental Illness and Addiction Aren’t Taking a Break

A time of sheltering at home can be particularly difficult for individuals struggling with mental health or substance use disorders. The World Health Organization had predicted that there would be greater demand for services during the pandemic, and we at Rosecrance have definitely seen this to be accurate. A recent study shows that substance abuse … Continued

A Message from our CEO

Substance Abuse and Mental Health during COVID-19 crisis Now, more than ever, families are concerned about their loved ones. That concern is even greater when a child, spouse, brother, or sister is struggling with a mental health or substance use disorder. The World Health Organization recently warned that such conditions will increase during times of … Continued

Three Benefits of 12-Step Programs

At Rosecrance Central Illinois, we leverage the 12-Step method as an integral part of our evidence-based treatment and recovery program. It is foundational to our treatment services, because it provides three key benefits to our patients: It [12-Step Programs] is time-tested… Introduced in the 1930s, the 12-Step method is an effective set of principles and … Continued

Detox: The First Step to Addiction Treatment

When it comes to addiction and drug abuse recovery, you or your loved one are not alone. More than 20 million Americans have a substance use disorder, yet the vast majority do not seek treatment despite negative life consequences. The families of central Illinois have been particularly affected by this national health crisis. The good … Continued

Rosecrance announces administrative transitions to lead client care mission

A series of recent leadership moves within Rosecrance will add fresh perspectives and new positions to the organization. These changes will enhance Rosecrance’s focus on hope-filled integrated behavioral health care. Central Illinois native Joey King, LCPC, has been hired as the Rosecrance Central Illinois executive director. King is an expert in behavioral health services, including … Continued