Alternative treatments offer hope for those with serious mental illness

Families may feel hopeless when a loved one struggles to find an effective way to manage serious mental illness. This is especially true for nearly one-third of individuals with major depressive disorder whose condition is considered to be treatment-resistant.

However, a number of therapies are proving to be successful helping people with treatment-resistant depression. One of these options is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a noninvasive therapy in which the mood-regulating part of the brain is manipulated by magnetic pulses. It has a success rate up to 70 percent.

“Persistent depression can have tragic impacts on individuals and their families, but I’m encouraged that there are effective treatments available for those who struggle the most,” said Dr. Tom Wright, Rosecrance Chief Medical Officer. “Rosecrance is grateful to provide TMS as well as a supportive team of clinicians who walk with clients through their journeys.”

As the longest-serving local provider of TMS in the Stateline, Rosecrance has over a decade of experience through affiliate Aspen Counseling and Consulting. Rosecrance’s TMS is certified to treat major depressive disorder and recently received Food and Drug Administration approval to treat anxious depression.