Rosecrance services in Wisconsin

At Rosecrance, we’re focused on providing the best opportunity for lasting recovery.

Addressing a teen or adult’s struggle with substance abuse means understanding the emotional, developmental, physical, psychological, familial, social, and cultural factors involved in his or her addiction.

At Rosecrance, we use evidence-based programs to meet the needs of individuals on every level of the continuum of care – from prevention to individual, group, and family counseling.

We collaborate with local community providers and school to offer prevention and educational services to meet the community’s needs.

Rosecrance has two locations in Wisconsin. The first is our office in Waukesha County, which offers prevention services, a student assistance program, individual & family counseling, and an intensive outpatient program. The second is our affiliate TMS Center of Madison, which is a collaboration between Connections Counseling and Rosecrance. TMS Center of Madison offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy.

We also offer access to residential programs and clinical staff just a short 90 minutes away in Rockford, IL. Our Griffin Williamson Campus offers residential treatment for teens, and our Harrison Campus offers residential treatment for adults.

Rosecrance locations

Nearby residential facilities:

Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus

Griffin Williamson Campus
Residential treatment for teens

Treatment at Rosecrance Harrison Campus patio

Harrison Campus
Residential treatment for adults