Teens & Marijuana Abuse: Be Aware of the Risks

Marijuana is being legalized in some parts of the country. Should parents of teenagers be concerned?

At Rosecrance, we believe marijuana legalization carries some risks for teens and parents. Research shows that marijuana use can and does lead to addiction. The fact is that more kids enter treatment for marijuana dependence each year than for all other illicit drugs — combined. (SOURCE: National Institute on Drug Abuse)

In this video, Rosecrance Medical Director Thomas Wright, MD discusses the risks of marijuana to teens. He talks about the challenges posed by increased marijuana legalization and acceptance.



Three primary reasons parents should be concerned about marijuana

  1. Legalization gives a mixed message to our teenagers. Teens too get the impression that marijuana is a safe drug and often start using more of it as a result.
  2. Early use of any substances, including nicotine and marijuana, are shown to increase use of other drugs.
  3. Marijuana is a gateway drug, which means it can lead to use of other drugs.

'Teen Substance Use' infographic


To learn more, download our brochure, “Teens & Weed: Still A Big Deal.” Learn what you need to know… and how you can talk with your teenager about marijuana.

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